Get Blackmail Photos In Mafia Wars?

Published: 16th February 2010
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Where do I get blackmail photos in Mafia Wars is a great question because it is a very important item to have if you want to advance in this game. Blackmail photos are required to complete the Boss job tier which is the last job tier for New York.

Blackmail pictures are a consumable item. You will need more than 400 to complete the New York tier. In order to get blackmail photos you will also need a concealable camera which is also a consumable loot item. The two items are closely related so if you need the photos, make sure you have the cameras to obtain the pictures.

So, where do I get blackmail photos in Mafia Wars?

You can complete the Obtain Compromising Photos job in the Hitman Tier. This job requires 25 energy and one concealable camera. It can also earn $230K - $369K and 35 experience points.

You can also ask your friends for photos. All you need to do is to put it on your wish list in the profile tab. This could prove to be difficult as many players may not be able or willing to part with this item.

Blackmail photos can be gifted to you from your friends. This third option is rare so you may need to ask your friends to gift it you.

Photos can also be obtained from fighting. This is a random drop so you are not guaranteed to get the blackmail photos by winning a fight.

Getting blackmail pictures are vital if you want to advance in Mafia Wars. They are needed to complete the New York job tier. They are also influential in Influence a Harbor Official and Blackmail a District Attorney.

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